Uzbekgidroenergo JSC and Roseximbank JSC signed an agreement on the construction of new HPPs

In order to finance the construction of new hydroelectric power plants, Uzbekgidroenergo JSC signed an agreement with Roseximbank JSC of the Russian Federation (Bank for Export-Import of Russia).

In order to expand mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of hydropower, the Mullalak hydroelectric power station with a capacity of 140 MW on the Pskem river in the Bostanlyk district of the Tashkent region, a cascade of small hydroelectric power plants with a capacity of 51 MW on the large Andijan canal in Namangan. regions, namely Kugai-1, Kugai-2, Beshkurgan-1 and Beshkurgan-1. An agreement was reached on financing 2 small hydropower plants.

Uzbekgidroenergo JSC and Roseximbank JSC signed agreements worth $ 340 million. The new projects are expected to be funded directly through loans.

During the bilateral meeting, Azer Talibov, Chairman of the Board of Roseximbank of the Russian Federation, and Abdugani Sanginov, Chairman of the Board, exchanged views on the ongoing reforms in this area.

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