Functional characteristics, product purpose:
The RM-750 mortar mixer is designed for the preparation of clay, clay-cement, silicate-cement and other solutions of various consistencies, non-aggressive to metal and rubber, and is used in power engineering at a positive ambient temperature.

Completeness of the goods:
Cylindrical housing with a capacity, 5.5 kW electric motor, direction of rotation of the turbine, turbine shaft drive, etc.

Product Specifications:
RM-750 consists of a cylindrical body with a capacity of V-750l, on the top cover of which a shaft support with a mixing device, an electric motor 5.5 kW 1000 rpm and a tension device are installed.

Availability of a certificate of conformity for products:
Estimated delivery time:
30 day

Place of delivery
Tashkent city

Order of delivery of goods:

Warranty and Maintenance:

The list of documentation transmitted with the goods:

Requirements for the shelf life of the goods:
36 month

Storage Requirements
RM-750 must comply with the requirements of the current “Operational Rules.” RM-750