Plasma cutter

Plasma cutter, CNC plasma cutting services, plasma cutting of metal

We offer services of plasma cutting of metal in Tashkent. Our equipment allows high quality cutting of metal sheets up to 100 mm thick. The metal sheet is cut by a jet of plasma – an ionized gas of high temperature.
To implement this service, a special CNC machine is used, which makes it possible to manufacture parts of complex shapes with high accuracy according to the customer’s dimensions.

• Steel: Carbon
• Thickness: up to 100 mm
• By sheet size: 2500×6500 Max.

The advantages of plasma cutting of metal and alloy blanks:
• high performance;
• high quality and precision of the cut;
• absence of thermal deformations during metalworking;
• the possibility of curly cutting of parts;
• there are no restrictions on the geometric shape;
• accuracy of manufacturing identical products;
• minimal pollution of the environment;
• safety of the cutting process.
• Drawing up drawings
• Quality at a low price