Longitudinally welded pipes with a diameter of 450-6500mm

Functional characteristics, product purpose:
Production of longitudinally welded pipes with a diameter exceeding Ф450 to Ф6500мм according to individual projects of a design institute.

Completeness of the goods:
In the guidance document.

Product Specifications:
The technical characteristics of pipelines, functional characteristics, corrosion protection methods, manufacturing and acceptance, and operating periods are laid down by design institutes on the basis of the Guidance document.

Availability of a certificate of conformity for products:

Estimated delivery time:
30 day

Place of delivery
Tashkent city

Order of delivery of goods:
Manufacturer Delivery

Warranty and Maintenance:

The list of documentation transmitted with the goods:
certificate and passport

Requirements for the shelf life of the goods:
10 year

Storage Requirements
Based on Guidance Document RD 34.02.028-2007